Vitiligo Treatment in Delhi

Vitiligo is a skin disease in which the patient has milky white macules anywhere on the skin. The severity may range from a single spot to more than 50% of skin involvement. The commonly used terms for this disease are leucoderma, fulwehri, safed daag etc. Our doctor is a specialist in vitiligo treatment in Delhi.

Basically, it is an asymptomatic problem which means there is no itch or pain in the lesions. The main reason for seeking treatment is the cosmetically unpleasing look of the skin. Many times the patients are very stressed and depressed because of these white spots.

vitiligo treatment in delhi
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The most common question my patients ask is “what is the cause of the disease or why me?” Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer for this. Vitiligo, as we know it till now, is a genetic disease. It does not mean that it always runs in the family. It means that the patient has a genetic predisposition to develop white macules. The exact gene has not been found yet but the research is ongoing. What we know is that it is certainly not caused by food, medicines, infection or any blood anomaly. Earlier it was believed that non-veg, sour food, milk after fish. But now it has been proven beyond doubt that diet has no role to play in vitiligo. As a doctor, my aim of treatment is to give a satisfactory color without side effects of medicines and also to address the mental disturbance caused by the disease.

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The treatment options are aplenty and the best vitiligo treatment in Delhi regime has to be individualized patient to patient. I prefer a no steroid approach. In my view the best treatment is phototherapy. At Sunshine Skin specialist in Delhi, we have one of the best and advanced phototherapy units which are capable of emitting both UVA and UVB rays. I treat my patient with alternate UVA and UVB therapy 2-3 times a week and have been able to give very satisfactory results.

For localized disease, I prefer to use only creams which are very effective in treating small patches. The second option is of surgery. Surgery is undertaken when medical treatment is not effective and when the disease has stopped progressing for at least 6 months. I do noncultured melanocyte transfer for large areas and skin grafting for small areas. Both give excellent results. I have been able to achieve more than 90% repigmentation in most of my patients. Some innovative techniques that I use for best results are needling and punch grafting for optimizing the results. Be assured that at Sunshine Skin Clinic you will be treated with utmost care and compassion