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Alopecia or hair loss is a problem that impacts more than half of the population across the globe. Laser hair restoration is a breakthrough technique that spurred a debate between conventional hair restoration and providers of laser hair treatment. Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the latest technique to have created a hype in the realm of hair restoration since it is effective in stimulating hair growth on the scalp to enhance hair quality, promotes new hair growth and halts the progression of hair loss.

What is Laser Hair Therapy or Laser Hair Cap?

Laser Hair Therapy represents a non-invasive/non-surgical procedure for the treatment of hair loss, baldness, thinning hair and problems associated with the scalp. Laser Hair Therapy is a clinically proven technique that increases the volume, thickness, and quality of the hair and generates thicker, shinier, fuller and healthier looking hair. Laser Hair Cap is a safe, painless and easy procedure that increases the microcirculation of blood supplies to the hair follicles by irradiating the entire scalp.

How does Laser Hair Treatment Work?

Laser Hair Treatment works by focusing therapeutic, low-level laser energy directly on the scalp absorption of which triggers enhanced cellular processes such as growth and waste elimination that increases blood circulation and stimulates new hair growth. This treatment utilizes light from the red end of the spectrum that combats hair loss by enhancing the blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating hair growth at the cellular level and reducing the impact of protein-blocking DHT enzymes.

Why Should you Opt Laser Hair Therapy for Hair Loss Treatment

The reason why laser hair therapy is highly effective for promoting hair re-growth/restoration is that it reverses the damage resulting from poor blood flow to the hair follicles and the hormonal by-product that results in the hair follicle to miniaturize until it is permanently gone.

Benefits of Laser Hair Therapy

  • Enhances blood supply to the scalp substantially after the first session
  • Halts the progression of Hair loss
  • Stimulates Hair Follicles promoting hair growth
  • Enhances Hair Strength and Elasticity
  • Repairs damage resulting from salon chemicals
  • Effective in promoting hair re-growth
  • Promotes healthier, softer, shinier, fuller and thicker hair
  • Remarkable improvement in Split Ends after the first few treatments
  • Safe, Painless procedure guaranteeing remarkable results in short time span

Does Laser Hair Therapy actually work?

The procedure has shown to enhance hair growth in clinical trials on plants and animals. The success and effectiveness of the procedure depend upon the individual’s dedication to attend treatment sessions. You must attend treatment sessions regularly as and when recommended to maximize results from laser hair therapy.

How Quickly can you expect the Results?

Researches reveal that the treatment produces results after different time periods that vary from client to client. Patients can expect to see the results at around 26 weeks of undergoing the treatment. Results vary with the different scalp areas wherein the treatment could potentially work well on some area and stimulate hair growth while it may fail to work on some other scalp area leading to uneven hair re-growth.

Is it worth the money?

The remarkable and incredible results achieved with this painless, non-surgical and safe procedure definitely makes it worthwhile for combating hair loss.