We at Sunshine skin care clinic excel at carrying out patch test assessment assuring highly accurate results prior to commencing your laser hair removal treatment. Headed by a worldly renowned dermatologist, we are a team of skilled and experienced doctors possessing extensive expertise in performing patch tests and assuring 100% accurate and precise results. We deliver highly reliable and accurate patch test results to our clients through access to state-of-the-art equipment and extensive prowess and expertise vested with our professionals.

What is Patch Test in Laser Hair Removal

After deciding to opt for laser hair removal, the first step will involve consulting a practitioner regarding the further treatment steps/procedure. At the time of initial consultation with the practitioner, you will be required to undergo a ‘patch test’ that is an essential component of the assessment prior to starting laser hair treatment.

A patch test is carried out on a very small portion of the skin and normally lasts for only a few minutes. A Patch test is carried out with a laser with the primary objective to determine a safe and effective laser setting for your skin and hair type.

It is recommended to undergo a patch test since laser hair removal does not work on everyone and you and your practitioner will become aware of any side effects and complications that occur as a result of undergoing laser hair removal on a small area of your skin.

What is the need for Patch Tests/What is the Purpose of Patch Test?

Patch tests are an important aspect of your assessment and provide valuable information about you to your practitioner.

A patch test is carried out with the following objectives:

  • Determine Safe and Effective Laser Settings for your Skin and Hair Type: The primary purpose of conducting a patch test is to determine the best laser to use corresponding to your skin and hair type and the precise grade of laser energy that will be required to deliver the best and most effective results for your hair and skin type. Determining the laser type and the grade of laser energy to use on your skin type is important since skin tone varies from person to person and every laser has its specialties in terms of effectiveness on dark skin, light skin, fine hair and so on. This information delivered by a patch test helps to adjust numerous settings within the laser in order to provide you the most effective treatment. Further, multiple patch tests can be tried with different lasers to ensure that the best laser is used in your treatment.
  • Familiarize you with the Actual Procedure: A patch test is also effective in providing you the idea about what the actual laser hair removal treatment will be like and how will it feel. You will become familiarized with the sensation or the feel once experiences with the laser hair removal treatment and whether it will cause pain or discomfort to you or not. You and your practitioner will also become aware of how your skin reacts to the treatment and whether you should go for it at the initial stage without being booked in for a complete treatment.
  • Make you aware of Side Effects and Complications: The patch test also familiarizes you and your practitioner about any adverse effects and complications that arise as a result of treatment. Getting to know about side effects and complications at the initial stage will help to adapt/adjust your treatment plan so that it yields effective results with minimal side effects.

When is a Patch Test Carried out?

A patch test is usually carried out several days prior to commencing full treatment to analyze all possible complications and side effects that may result from undergoing treatment on a small area of the skin.

Any Complications associated with Patch Tests?

A patch test usually causes no discomfort since the skin recovers very rapidly after the test. Aloe vera is usually applied to the skin to cool the area after undergoing the test.