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A dermatology is a physician experienced to handle diseases and conditions of the skin, on any area of the body. A dermatology can handle anything from a fungus or any bacterial infection of the skin to various category of cancer. Dermatology extracts cancerous and unhealthy sore from the skin, in the lesser outpatient surgical method.


Mesotherapy is the method of administering increase factors, vitamins & proteins in the scalp of survivor suffering from hair fall. These objects are added into the mesoderm, a layer of the skin, which is a tie between tissues of skin and the layer of fat. It helps in boosting blood distribution, generates cell metabolism and further up the revival of hair follicles.

PRP Treatment

We are performing PRP technique as a proactive therapeutic option for male and female survivors experiencing hair loss. PRP is an exciting non-surgical therapeutic option for client’s who need the stimulation of hair increase for hair loss conditions.Recent scientific research and technique provide the medical community with new understandings of wound and tissue healing.

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss has become a very normal problem now for both male and female. There are various reasons that can cause scalp hair loss, and they do differ in male and female. Studies show that losing up to 100-200 hair per day is common. The hairs that are shed are often in relaxing or late phase in the hair cycle.

Hair Transplant

If you are losing your hair while comb or find some hair follicles on the pillow and bed when you wake up after a nice night sleep, then it is a sign of losing hair. Almost all men have this problem in the 30s to 40s due to hormonal changes. But, swiftly losing your beautiful hair day by day makes you unhappy and gives you a feeling of getting old.

Pediatrics Dermatology

Paediatrics dermatology mostly deals with dermatological or skin diseases on children face. A pediatric dermatologist diagnoses and cures the skin, hair, and scalp situations of children and infants. He/she specify treatment for skin conditions and suggests medical or surgical techniques for skin conditions such as warts and other sore of the skin.