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Skin Allergy Treatment

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Skin allergy is a very common problem faced by a vast majority of the population. Basically skin allergy is an umbrella term and covers a vast range of skin diseases like urticaria or hives, eczemas, allergic contact dermatitis and irritant dermatitis. It also encompasses irritation with the use of chemicals or detergents faced by housewives and industrial workers.

More about Skin Allergy Treatment

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Photos before treatment and after treatment

The most important part of treatment is precise diagnosis. It is the pillar of the treatment protocol and thus is of utmost importance. Doctors of Sunshine Skin Clinic have been involved in the speciality allergy clinic of the aiims for over 3 years and have successfully treated more than 1500 allergy patients.

Skin Allergy Treatment Techniques

At Sunshine Skin Centre, the main emphasis is on the precise diagnosis of skin allergy. We use highly specialized tests like patch testing, food challenge test, pressure test etc to make the correct diagnosis. The next step is to give adequate medication and counseling to relieve the symptoms and avoid repeated bouts of allergy. All this while keeping in mind to keep the side effects to a minimum.

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