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Dr. Namrata Ghai-Hair Transplant Doctor in Delhi

“Getting Bald! Want a solution?”

Don’t worry; we are here to help you get your shiny hairs back on your head.

Our clinic, Sun Shine Skin Clinic is a leading hair transplantation clinic in Delhi, doing hair transplants on daily basis for all sorts of people.

If you lose your hair while combing or find some hair follicles on pillow when you wake up after good night sleep, then it is a sign of loosing hair. Almost all men encounter this problem in 30s to 40 due to hormonal changes. But, suddenly losing your shining hair day by day makes you depressed and gives you a feeling of getting old.

Our clinic helps you in getting your hair back through a surgical procedure which involves moving hair follicles from one part of body (where there is plenty of hair) to balding part of your head. In most cases, hair follicles from back are extracted and transplanted on bald portion of the head. Apart from covering bald area, it is also used for restoring eyebrows, hair, and scar filling especially in case a person face has been severely damaged in an unfortunate accident.

Our hair transplantation Doctor in Delhi has implement successful hair transplant surgery with finest results. Our doctors ensures that post surgery new hairs have the same pattern as original one so that nobody can doubt that you have gone through hair transplantation process. We treat at least 10 to 12 cases of hair transplantation on daily basis from not only in Delhi/NCR region but international circles too like Dubai, South Africa, UK and US too.

We use FUE hair transplant surgery which is latest and most known technology used for hair transplantation throughout world. In this surgical procedure, skin containing extensive hair as well as genetically resistant to hair loss are extracted and implemented on bald portion of head. The bald region is thoroughly washed by shampoo and treated with washed with an antibacterial soap to ensure that no side effects occur post surgery. During whole procedure, patient is given anaesthesia so that operation can be conducted successfully. After this, hair follicles from hair body parts such as chest, moustache or leg are extracted and injected into bald area through needle. Depending on the baldness, it may require more than one session to implement whole hair transplantation procedure.

Apart from hair transplantation, we are also known for providing laser hair removal in Delhi especially for women who want to look beautiful. We remove hair from your arms, legs, arm pits or any other body portion to make you look beautiful. Our laser hair surgery is painless without any side effects on your body.

If your hair loss is frequent while combing, stroking your hair or sleeping, then you must consult us for hair transplantation in Delhi. For booking an appointment, you just need to call or drop us an email at our mail id mentioned in our website. Our clinic will arrange an appointment depending on your schedule and fix a date for hair transplantation within a week of meeting.

We guarantee you that your hair problem will definitely resolve after our hair transplantation surgery and you will be able to live life normal again with a big smile on your face.

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Hair Transplantation

hair transplant doctor in delhi Hair Transplantation in Delhi

Method: from strip incisions to follicular unit exactions.
Your principle behind hair transplant surgery stems from the permanency of some hair. While some hair on your own scalp has a transient life span, other hair tend in order to endure for lifetime. It was found that permanent hair could possibly be moved to any perhaps the body where it can continue to grow and behave as if it wrea).
ere still in its original home. A hair transplant is often a safe and minor medical operation that involves removing donor hair from your sides of the scalp (donor area) and placing them to the bald or thinning areas of the scalp (recipient a
Hair Restoration technology is continuously providing patients with better alternatives for hair loss treatments. Transplants have come quite a distance since the 1970’s in order to 1980’s when hair plugs were accustomed to treat hair loss. These hair plugs was comprised of grafts with about 15-25 locks in each.

Types of Hair Restoration Procedure:
1) Strip Incisions: strip incisions were traditionally employed to transplant hair before newer methods existed. The strip incision involves surgically removing strips of skin on the donor area, extracting the follicles of hair, and then implant them within the recipient area. While some surgeons are practicing newer techniques in hair transplantation, this process of surgery is even now effective and quite common. Today, hair follicles are extracted on the donor area using the micro-grafting procedure and transplanted to the recipient area with alleviate.

2) Mini-micro Grafting: mini-micro-grafting is just like follicular unit extraction, with the main difference being the graft size depends upon the doctor. The doctor cuts the donor tissue into your size pieces that they will see fit. With this procedure surgeons use a multi-bladed cutlery to quickly generate lean strips of tissue after which it use direct visualization to cut the tissue. The resulting grafts usually are larger than the follicular units and since excess skin is definitely not trimmed away the donor sites are also larger. However, follicular unit extraction is superior in to become a natural, undetectable result.

3) Follicular Unit Extraction: this method uses micro-grafting to gain unbelievable results. This procedure involves your extraction of individual the hair follicles from an area within the scalp and re-insertion in the hair follicles into your hairline. This type of hair grafting surgery is usually performed using just a local anesthetics.

- No scarring
- Faster healing time
- Less discomforts
- No incision
- No stitching
- No bandaging to keep hair in place
- Mimics your own hair pattern
- More natural look
- Large amount of grafts can be transplanted at one time resulting in fewer sessions.

The Procedure:
After initial consultant and expectation setting between the patient and the doctor, the best method is advised.

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